As you may have heard; The Adelphi is back in business! Under new management and with a new team at the helm, we’ve geared up to provide the Granite City with the same superior service and top-notch food. Our menu has been carefully refreshed to reflect the best, seasonal produce that Scotland has to offer, while reviving some of the best Adelphi Classics (Mac ‘n Cheese, anyone?).


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the adelphi kitchen


About Adelphi

An ethos of sterling service and foodie culture is at the heart of The Adelphi Kitchen. With continuously updated specials and unique food combinations AK is the ideal location for an interesting but cosy lunch or dinner with family, friends, and colleagues.



The Adelphi is one of the newest additions to the CranberryCo Group – a family of independent restaurants and bars located in Aberdeen city and shire. We believe seasonal & local is the way to go, and The Adelphi Kitchen’s approach is no exception!