We Serve This Menu
5pm - LATE


Charred Caesar Salad £6/£12
Baby gem lettuce, white anchovy, smoked bacon crumb, quails egg

Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken Wings £7
Blue cheese ranch dip, carrot and celery

Cauliflower Wings (AKA Gobi 65) (V) £7
Our veggie version of chicken wings

Sousvide and Flash Grilled Octopus £9
Toasted sesame and wasabi pickled vegetables, soya gel, horseradish ash

AK Mac 'n' Cheese (V) £6
Applewood smoked cheddar, crispy shallots (v)
+ Pulled pork £1.50
+ Black pudding £1.50

Bbq Honey Crunch Pork Short Rib £7
Slaw & seasoned fries


House Seasoned Fries £3

Smokey Sweet Potato Mash £3.50

Roasted Potato Mash £3

Slaw £2.50

House Pickles £1.50

Shallot and Potato Straws £2.50

Cornbread £3

Collard Greens £4


Southern Fried Chicken £16
Pepperoni mashed potatoes, collard greens, red eye gravy

Rib-eye Steak £28
Choice of 2 sides, peppercorn sauce or garlic butter

Korean BBQ Pulled Duck £18
Tea egg, baby gem, kohlrabi, satsuma, kimchi puree

AK Fish Tacos £16
Seasonal white fish, corn and flour tortilla, burnt tomato salsa, avocado, salted cabbage

Moules and Frites £16
A classic, hit up with some AK house seasoning and smoke

Smoked Tofu and Sweetcorn (V) £15
Sweetcorn relish, leeks, togarashi popcorn, wakame seaweed


Pain Fraise £6
French toast, strawberries, fresh herbs, mini meringues, white grape sorbet

White Chocolate Blondie £6
Roast banana puree, banana chip, walnut, ice cream, cinnamon caramel

Oatmilk Panna Cotta £6
sweet dark fruits, oat rice and argave syrup granola

AK Cheese £6
Home-made chutney and oatcakes