Ak Mac & Cheese Or Ak Black Mac
(Black Pudding)

Smoked Tomato Charred Pepper and Chilli Soup
Coriander Crumble and Cornbread

Ak Bacalao
Salt Cod with Beetroot Crisps, Candied Chestnuts & Leek

Pork Terrine
of Chopped Salt Hough & Pulled Applewood Smoked Shoulder, Pistachios & Sesame, Oatcakes, Pineapple Chilli Chutney


The Hale Thing
Beef Burger Pattie, Southern Fried Turkey, Chipolatas, Roast Potatoes Sprout Slaw & Cranberry Relish

Creole Spiced Seafood & Sweetcorn Gumbo
(Smoked Salmon, King Prawn Chorizo) With Mussels Tempura

Ak Stovies
Braised & Rolled Shin, Tail of Beef, Shallot Crush, Pickled Beetroot, Honey Glazed Xmas Vegetables, 5am Saint Gravy

Chestnut Mushroom Wellington
Burnt Onions, Neep Puree, Roast Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Reduction


Ginger Sticky Toffee Pudding
Cinammon Ice Cream and Soy Caramel

Smoked Bourbon And Raspberry Cranachan
Toasted Oats and Nuts

Double Chocolate Brownie
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, Sour Cherry Gel

Adelphi Cheese Board
Selection of Scottish Cheese, Oatcakes, Satsuma & White Grape Chutney